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We created the 'Real Care Toolkit' to empower people to take back control of their Social Care assessments and feel more empowered to make sure that whatever the council offers, matches up to what is really needed.

This toolkit has been designed by people who have experience of the council system and who understand just how stressful and overwhelming it can all be, especially when we are already having to deal with so many obstacles to living with dignity. This toolkit is a work in progress and if you have any feedback to give us about how it is working or not for you, please do let us know via email at

There are five stages to the toolkit;


STAGE 1   Understanding wellbeing and your life 

STAGE 2   Organising your thoughts about your wellbeing into a self-assessment

STAGE 3   Engaging with the social worker sent to carry out your assessment or review

STAGE 4   Approving the council’s assessment and support plan

STAGE 5   Challenging the council’s decisions if you disagree

Along the way, you may find some surprising allies, including the social worker. They are often very uncomfortable with the role the current system requires of them. If you are interested you can find out more about that in our section called Campaigning for Change.

The toolkit applies if you are the person in need of care and support, or a family carer. It also applies if this is your first assessment, or you have a support plan already and it is being reviewed.

So whether you are in need of care and support or in a family caring role, you can join us in taking the first steps to having your voice heard by clicking the link below.


If you don’t have or are awaiting a social worker, click here for information on how to refer yourself.

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