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STAGE 4 Approving the Council's Assessment

Approving the Council's Assessment and Support Plan


When the discussions with the social worker are complete, the social worker will prepare an assessment and support plan which will be agreed by a senior manager. You will need to see both documents. You have a right to be given copies, but you may have to insist.


You will need to examine both documents carefully. In particular,


  • If the assessment disagrees with your view about your specific needs, has the assessment also recorded your view? Has the assessment set out why the council does not agree with your self-assessment?


  • If the assessment or support plan does not regard any of your specific needs to be eligible, is a reason given?


If the council’s assessment and support plan accords with your self-assessment, the outcome will have been entirely successful. You will have approved the council’s assessment and support plan. You may be asked to sign your agreement. You will be able to do so as an empowered person. 

At this point, you will also be told how much you may have to pay in charges. The Campaign for Real Care believes social care should be free at the point of use, funded from taxation as is the NHS. However, that is some way from being realised. In the meantime, it is important to keep your charges to the minimum you can. The application of Disability Related Expenditure is a way to do so. Inclusion London has provided a very helpful guide. It is free to use through this link


Reduce your social care charges today - Inclusion London


If you do not approve the council’s assessment and support plan, your circumstances may force you to consent to all or some of the services being offered for the time being, but you still should move to stage five.

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